Air conditioning provides us with ultimate comfort when it is blazing heat outside. Nowadays, people are opting for ductless air conditioners. Sometimes, you may face several problems while using the unit. Not cooling down your rooms is one of those problems. In such a situation, you shouldn’t wait to call for professional ductless AC service in Ellsworth, WI.

What to Check if Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling

  • Air Filters Are Faulty: Whether ductless or not, every AC relies heavily on an air filter. It is the reason that your home remains cool and comfortable. Due to constant use, the AC starts attracting dust and dirt to the air filters.
    As a result, your AC works much harder to provide you with cool air. Check if the filter is having any of these problems. If the issue persists, we recommend you to choose a ductless AC service in Ellsworth, WI, for quick maintenance of the air filters. 
  • Look at the Condenser Unit: Do you know how an AC works? The cooling process starts by absorbing air in the evaporator unit and then sending it to the outdoor unit for cooling. If the condenser is frozen with dirt and has not received proper maintenance in a long time, the heat will not distribute evenly. Connect with a professional ductless AC replacement in Ellsworth, WI, to solve this problem.
  • Malfunctioned Thermostat Setting: Someone at home may have mismanaged the thermostat setting. The thermostat manages the temperature in your room. If you find that your split is not cooling down your room, there is a possibility that you need a recalibration that should be done by a professional only. Try to contact an expert ductless AC service in Ellsworth, WI.
  • Frozen Evaporator Coils : This component of an air conditioning system is responsible for removing heat from the atmosphere and releasing it outside. Heat is absorbed when the air flows in these coils, and cool air is pushed back into your room without any hassle.
    This simple process can come to a halt if the coils start freezing. Check if this is the issue for not getting enough cool air. Once it is confirmed, contact an expert ductless AC replacement service in Ellsworth, WI, and replace the evaporator coil as soon as possible.
  • Refrigerant Leakage: Refrigerant is paramount to the cooling of your home. It flows through the indoor and outdoor unit transferring from liquid to gaseous form and absorbing heat and humidity from the rooms. If there is a leakage in the refrigerant line, your home will not cool down no matter how long your unit is running.
    Also, if the refrigerant level is at the lowest, you won’t get enough cool air from your AC. At this point, we ask you to contact a professional ductless AC replacement service in Ellsworth, WI, to replace the refrigerant.


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