Is your HVAC unit prepared for this year's summer?

Before switching on the air conditioning unit and marking the beginning of the summer, it is necessary to get your HVAC unit serviced and tune-up by your AC installation services in Hudson. These services boost the AC unit services and help to detect the repair issue at the early stages.

It is best when the repair issues get quickly resolved with little expense. However, if you ignore them and wait for the last moment, you might get an expensive bill for repair service.

What are the different popular AC repair issues?

Here is a list of some AC issues that technicians of AC repair in Hudson hear about every day:

Broken electric fuses

We often hear more about electric fuse complaints during the summer season. An electric fuse is a small device protecting the AC unit from electricity overload. An upsurge in the electricity voltage can damage the AC components.

So, when the fuse detects an increased electric current coming in, the fuse trips down and saves the day. Sometimes it is due to internal electrical connection problems that can cause the fuse’s trip down.

Blocked air filters

Air filter-related issues are another complaint AC repair technicians in Hudson often hear during the day. Air filters can get blocked and stop the airway from the efficient exchange. It means fresh air won’t come in, and the AC revolves around the same air round and round.

It can cause a variety of issues like:

  • Reduced cooling services.
  • The AC system blows warm air.
  • Short freezing cycle.
  • You notice a sharp increase in the bills because the component draws more electricity to get the air.
  • Freezing evaporator coils

Thermostat issues

A thermostat is an integral part of the AC system because it provides a user-friendly way to interact with the AC system. But problems can develop in the thermostat, and sometimes the replacement option is only left.

Issues with the AC's drainage system

The drainage system helps appropriately function AC by discarding the water from the condensation process. The water gets collected in a drainage pan and flows outside through the unit’s drain pipe. The water starts drip from the outdoor unit if any component gets damaged or the drain gets clogged.

Capacitor replacement

A capacitor is a small cylindrical electrical component that stores electricity and provides energy to electric components like a blower motor, fan, and compressor. The motor’s temperature increases when the capacitor malfunctions. According to a technician of AC repair in Hudson, this is one of the potential reasons for motor malfunctioning.

Dirty coils

Other than air filters, evaporator and condenser coils also collect dirt and dust throughout the year. It is essential to get them cleaned on a timely basis.

If your household AC unit is suffering from any of the above issues or any other issues, it is better to call AC installation services in Hudson for a quick check at the earliest. Visit Matt’s Electric, Heating, and Air Conditioning for different AC services.