The air conditioner in your house or place of business maintains a relaxed and comfortable indoor environment. However, despite their durability and longevity, air conditioners are not designed to work forever. Some professionals in the HVAC sector tell consumers that they can extend the unit’s lifespan with regular AC tune-up in Ellsworth, WI.

If your AC is an older model, it is advisable to perform maintenance on your air conditioner before further problems emerge or before you need to replace it.

What is the average number of years an air conditioner lasts?

There are two basic air conditioners categories, split and packaged systems. According to HVAC specialists, the usual lifespan of HVAC systems is between 10 and 15 years. The unit’s lifespan may range between 15 and 20 years, depending on the brand, model, and care it receives. However, several factors can limit this lifespan or help you anticipate how long the air conditioner will continue to operate.

When Does Replacing Your Air Conditioner Make More Sense Than Repairing It

If a homeowner wants to save money on the expense of updating or getting a new air conditioning system, they could opt to repair their existing older system with the help of AC services in Ellsworth, WI. This will cost more in the long term, particularly for gadgets that have been on the market for more than 15 years.

If, for example, the cost of maintenance exceeds fifty percent of the price of a new unit, replacing the team with an energy-efficient system may be less expensive than repairing it. As an air conditioner ages, it will often require frequent maintenance, and the related costs will increase. As a result, a homeowner may easily spend the total cost of a brand-new air conditioner after only two or three repairs.

The following is a list of indications that your air conditioner is ready to fail:

  • Leakage: Moisture in places surrounding your air conditioner where there shouldn’t be any can indicate several issues. There is a chance of refrigerant leakage, which poses serious health risks to you and your family. There may also be an issue with the condensate line, which could be broken or clogged for one of two causes. In either situation, moisture issues must be addressed to prevent mold growth.
  • Air Circulation Problems: If your air conditioner is not providing cool air, this is a warning sign, similar to when it takes a long time for the machine to begin blowing air. If you see a considerable deviation from the average capacity of your appliance, you should consider contacting an AC service in Ellsworth, WI professional.
  • Frequent Repairs: It may not be rocket science to determine that your air conditioner has reached the end of its useful life if you have to call for repairs frequently, but it’s still worth mentioning. 
  • Strange Sounds: It could be time to purchase a new air conditioner if you hear screeching, grinding, or grating sounds. Strange noises signal a problem with the device itself; if a professional is not contacted to make repairs, this could lead to more expensive service in the future.


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