The weather is getting hotter, but is your air conditioner up to the task? If your response was a nervous “I don’t know,” you should contact your local technician for an AC repair in Ellsworth.

According to ENERGY STAR, the most recent high-efficiency HVAC gadgets can save you up to 20% on air conditioning costs, but old, inefficient AC units will do much more than raise your energy bill. So when the summer heat hits, those rusted gadgets could cost you thousands of dollars in repair work and lead to horrible, sweat-filled days.

Ways you can identify that your AC needs repair before summer.

Here are some signs that your air conditioning device needs a repair this summer.

Your air conditioning system is older

If your air conditioning system is ten years or older, you should only fix it if you cannot afford a new one. Your air conditioning unit is probably nearing the end of its life at this age, regardless of how well you have cared for it. Ten years represents a longer than average lifespan.

If you have an older model, you may want to consider putting in an inverter AC. Not only will you appreciate cool air-conditioned solace, but you will also save money on your utility bills. An inverter controls the compressor speed in these units.

Only warm air is blowing

If you are not experiencing any or very little cold air, your air conditioner will most likely need repair. If transforming your air conditioner at full blast generates little to no cold air, or if the air conditioning temperature decreases, something is seriously wrong.

A decrease in cold air often indicates that your air conditioner’s compressed air has failed. The compressor’s job is to spread the refrigerant, which allows the air conditioning system to produce cooler air. Also, your coolant may be leaking in this situation to complicate things more. Act fast if you suspect a refrigerant leak, as leaking refrigerant can endanger your family’s health.

Fluorinated hydrocarbons are a type of chemical found in the coolant. It is an odorless and tasteless gas and has the potential to cause refrigerant-toxic effects. If breathed too deeply, refrigerant can prevent oxygen from reaching your cells and lungs, causing difficulty breathing, organ damage, fluid in the lungs, or death. If you assume refrigerant spilling, have it repaired as soon as possible.

No airflow

Airflow is the defining feature of a well-functioning air conditioning system. If your airflow has decreased, you likely require air conditioning service. Low or no airflow indicates that the vents in the air conditioning system are not functioning properly. If debris becomes lodged in the ducts, the air pressure of the unit will be compromised. Debris-clogged air ducts can be hazardous to one’s health, particularly if the debris includes decomposing or small animal waste.

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