Only a professional technician with years of experience must perform water heater installation in Ellsworth. DIY methods will not always do the work. Save your effort, time, and money by allowing professionals to handle your device.

Types of water heaters available for installation

  • Conventional Water Heater

It is a large insulated water tank that stores warm water and supplies it to the household. It is not an energy-efficient option, as a constant energy supply is required to heat the water for a long duration.

  • Heat Pump Water Heater

These heaters use air movements from the ground to heat water instead of electricity. These are low maintenance, last for a long time, and save electricity bills. However, conventional heaters function better in regions where the temperature goes to minus degrees.

  • Solar Water Heater

The solar panels installed on the roof can convert solar power into electricity, and it is used to heat the water. These are the best options as long as the sun shines brightly.

  • Tankless Water Heater

These compact devices use superheated coils that heat the water instantly but do not store it for long. It is appropriate for small families.

Things to remember before water heater installation

To ensure seamless water heater installation, follow the tips from professional HVAC technicians in Ellsworth below:

  • Size of The Unit

Picking the right water heater size is essential as you would not want to suffer with an over- or under-sized unit. Ask your contractor to assess and finalize the best-in-budget water heater with high SEER ratings.

  • Type of The Unit

Out of the several water heaters available in the market, you can pick what suits your house. It could be a solar water heater to save electricity or a heat pump to work in all seasons with low maintenance. Do not settle for less; explore your options and choose the best.

  • Fuel Used By The Unit

The newer technology aims to reduce costs while increasing efficiency simultaneously. So, if you have abundant sunlight, solar water works best for you. In case you live near a gas pipeline, choose the gas water heater for a hassle-free fuel supply at all times. However, if you are ready to invest once and save more later, you can buy a condensing water heater.

  • Energy Efficiency

With every new model, the energy efficiency or SEER ratings increase for water heaters and the price. The device with a SEER rating of around 18 is efficient in saving energy bills.

  • Installation Cost And Time

Installing a water heater is not an easy task. So, if you are thinking of saving money or using a DIY method, then this won’t help in the long run. Professional technicians with years of experience and knowledge are the best choice if you want to avoid disasters.

To Summarize

If you plan to get a water heater installation in Ellsworth, then Matt’s Electric is the company for you. We are a trusted HVAC company providing all HVAC services at fair prices. Contact us today to talk to our experts and get an appointment.