Underground Wire Locating and Repair In Ellsworth, Hudson, River Falls, WI, And Surrounding Areas

Underground wiring can be a great benefit when trees come down or heavy ice brings down power lines. It can also be a lot harder to locate and repair if there’s a problem.

Why Use Underground Wiring?Underground Wire Locating and Repair In Ellsworth, Hudson, River Falls, WI, And Surrounding Areas

Underground wiring is a good solution when there is a high risk of electrical lines being pulled down by falling limbs, or when having poles and wires doesn’t create the look you want. It’s commonly used for things like landscape lighting and pole lights. Underground wiring can also be safer, with less opportunity for live wires to come down in bad weather, and you don’t need to watch out for lines when using a ladder.

Underground Wiring Problems

While not generally vulnerable to the weather, underground wiring can still encounter problems. Sometimes this is due to installation issues such as inappropriate materials having been used when the lines were installed, poorly made connections, or damage during digging or by animals.

Locating Underground Lines

The first step in fixing a buried wire issue is locating both the wiring and the problem. Matt’s Electric technicians can use hi-tech tracing and fault-locating tools to identify electrical wiring and any problems with it. This expertise allows for a faster start to making repairs, and helps prevent unintended damage to other underground systems such as gas, sewer, and fiber-optic lines. Cable and wire tracing equipment allow us to identify where an electrical fault is located, to help pinpoint a location for making repairs. By carefully identifying the problem spot, we can minimize the disruption to your yard and spend less time fixing your wiring.

Repairing Underground Lines

Whenever possible, our experienced technicians will perform a high-quality, guaranteed repair rather than replace buried lines, saving you money. Should a line repair be inadequate, rest assured, we can replace your underground wiring if needed, too.

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