Mold growth in your air conditioning system is an unlikely event yet not impossible. Since most air conditioning units have self-cleaning features and are in use for the greater part of the day, molds do not have an ambient atmosphere to grow. Nevertheless, suppose there has been a leak in your air conditioning system or ductwork, or you suspect mold growth within your appliance. In that case, you can always contact the air conditioner service in Hudson for a thorough cleaning and sanitization.

Signs that indicate mold growth in air conditioning systems

Although signs of mold growth can be difficult to identify and similar to those of a few other HVAC issues, there are certain signs that you can look out for that strongly suggest mold growth in your air conditioning system.

  1. A stark musty or mildew smell is becoming increasingly apparent. 
  2. Uncomfortable atmosphere or coughing as you step inside the room.  
  3. Cold-like symptoms such as runny nose, watery eyes, etc. 
  4. Visible mold growth near the air handler, ducts, vents, etc.

Types of molds and are they dangerous for your health?

If mold growth is evident inside your household, you may want to identify the kind to stay safe from their adverse effects.

Black molds

Black molds can be difficult to identify as they are often mistaken for dirt, soot, and grime. They can also be difficult to remove and have a strong, musty odor. Black molds are toxic and can have several health repercussions. You should contact an HVAC professional for a thorough inspection and sanitization or an AC replacement in Hudson.

White molds

White molds, also known as Trichoderma, require a constant supply of water, which can be found in air ducts and vents. White molds can also turn greenish or grayish over time. Upon detection, you must have it removed safely as it can quickly spread all across your ductwork.

How to get rid of mold growths?

Mold growth can be hard to detect and difficult to get rid of without professional help. Many owners prefer getting a DIY mold removal kit. Still, we urge you to side with the experience and finesse of a professional technician when it comes to safety and health matters for you and your family. Molds occur in ducts as they are dark, damp, and away from sunlight. You may also get mold remediation services if mold growth is a common problem in your household.

How to secure your air conditioning systems from future mold growths?

Having molds grow within or near your air conditioning system in the middle of the summer can be distressing. Coupled with frequent HVAC services, getting rid of mole growths can also become quite expensive, so we recommend you adopt certain measures to keep mold growths from ever taking roots.

  1. Clean or replace the filters of your AC every 30 days.
  2. Always keep the condensate drip pan clean.
  3. Try reducing the condensation in your ductwork by insulating them.
  4. Get a dehumidifier for your room to carry excess moisture and mold.
  5. Inspect your AC pipes and other components for leaks and seal them right away to prevent moisture accumulation.

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