When your AC is not functioning properly, there can be several things wrong with it. To have it run smoothly, you can call for AC repair in Hudson. The technicians can check for any faults and fix them for you.

One of the reasons can be a faulty AC sensor.

How do a thermostat work and the sensor's role

Every AC unit has a sensor inside the system that measures the temperature of the air moving around the evaporator coil. The main function of the sensor is to detect if the room has reached the desired temperature set on the thermostat.

The sensor helps save energy because once the desired temperature is reached, the AC stops cooling for a while and then starts over again. This cycle continues and helps save energy because the AC doesn’t run continuously.

The thermostat ensures that the AC unit is working efficiently. It helps you set your desired temperature so you can feel comfortable indoors. A broken thermostat can result in a malfunction of the AC.

It can cause the AC to switch off without commands even if the desired temperature isn’t met. It can ruin your AC unit if not fixed. Sometimes the problem lies with the thermostat. You can call AC installation in Hudson and get your thermostat replaced.

You need to watch out for

  • If your AC doesn’t shut off on its own, even if the desired temperature is set, you need to call a technician to check your AC sensors. Your AC running all day can drive up your energy bills and affect your wallet.
  • Suppose the system follows a cycle of turning on and off at random intervals. In that case, it indicates a faulty sensor, and you need to get your air conditioner unit fixed by a trained technician before it damages your AC.
  • The Department of Energy states that air conditioner sensors can get knocked loose and cause your air conditioner to stop working properly.

Possible fixes

It is imperative to keep your AC sensor functioning properly to ensure that you continuously receive proper cooling for your home. It also guarantees the long-term performance and efficiency of AC systems. Fortunately, you can take simple troubleshooting steps if a sensor failure causes a problem.

First, you need to turn off the power to your air conditioner unit. You must go to the circuit panel and remove the cover from the evaporator coils. Then you need to check the sensor’s position and whether it’s bent. If the sensor cable is not installed properly, you need to reposition the sensor.

Hire services for AC installation in Hudson

Fixing this on your own can damage your AC more if you don’t have the proper tools to do the process. You need to call a professional to fix this issue for you. Matt’s Electric, Heating, and Air Conditioning can help you with your AC sensor problems in Hudson.

If repositioning the sensor does not solve the issue, the sensor may already be damaged. If the problem is with the thermostat itself, you can get it replaced. This issue may be due to an older model that has reached the end of its useful life.