Generator Installation In Ellsworth, Hudson, River Falls, WI and Surrounding Areas

No matter the time of year, adding a generator to your electrical system can save you a lot of headaches.

SummerGenerator Installation In Ellsworth, Hudson, River Falls, WI and Surrounding Areas

In the hottest part of the summer, when summer storms roll through and the power goes out, you’ll be happy to have a generator to help you out. A generator can keep your lights on, Internet running, and the refrigerator running to preserve your cold and frozen goods. A more powerful system can even keep your window units or central air conditioning running strong, keeping you comfortable.


When the snow falls and trees come down on power lines, you’ll be happy to have a generator to keep everything and cozy. Lower wattage generators can keep the lights on and run a few appliances, while whole-house generators can power up everything you need for as long as you need them.

Types of Generators

The most common residential generators are either portable units or automatic standby. For a portable generator, you’ll need to have a transfer switch installed which will change the power source from the electric main to the generator, and the unit needs to run outside, on gasoline. Portable generators can support only a certain load, so we can work with you to determine an appropriate size to handle your needs and budget. Automatic standby generators are permanently wired into your electrical system to switch on automatically when the power goes out, and are usually sized to power your whole house.  Standby units normally run on a fixed natural gas or liquid propane supply, so they do not require refueling.

There are many details to consider when choosing an appropriate generator for your needs, including the amount of power you need to generate, your comfort level in running a generator manually or having an automatic setup, fuel supply options for the generator, available space, existing wiring, and of course budget.

Generator Replacement – Servicing Ellsworth, Hudson, River Falls, WI, and Surrounding Areas

Whether it’s a smaller generator to run a few essentials, or a whole-house backup to make power outages a non-event, if you’re in the Ellsworth, Hudson, River Falls, or surrounding areas of Wisconsin, contact us to discuss your needs.