Electrical Replacement In Ellsworth, Hudson, River Falls, WI and Surrounding Areas

At Matt’s Electric, we understand the importance of providing our customers with the most dependable electrical services they need for their residential, commercial, or farm environment. We cater to a wide variety of people and businesses, and this means, we are confident that whatever your electrical issue, we will be able to address it.

Our seasoned and highly-trained electrical technicians are continually installing expansive and valuable electrical service upgrades. Our team is equipped with the highest quality technology in the industry, so you can rest assured that you will be receiving the best service available.  Matt’s Electric has been serving the Ellsworth, Hudson, River Falls, and surrounding areas for over two decades. We understand that the customer comes first, and this means catering to your specific needs, while also providing the most affordable price. Electrical Replacement In Ellsworth, Hudson, River Falls, WI and Surrounding Areas

Often times, your electrical wiring is outdated, obsolete, or damaged. This is why we offer premium electrical service upgrades, in order to fully revamp your cabling and panel systems. Our organization focuses on assuring your needs are attended to, and ’emergency’ or not, we will always be there to assist you and identify, fix, and solve the problem. Our team works tirelessly to most suitably upgrade your electrical services in a timely and efficient manner.

Matt’s Electric was founded in 2001 by our founder Matt Feuerhelm. Since this time, we have been constantly innovating and finding new ways to deliver the highest quality service to our varying customers. We are proud to have built many valuable relationships with our customers. This is because we believe in communication, in honesty and reliability.

Don’t wait! If you need electrical service upgrades, Matt’s Electric is here to help!

Wiring Replacement Services – Servicing Ellsworth, Hudson, River Falls, WI, and Surrounding Areas

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