Electrical Panel & Breaker Box Upgrades In Ellsworth, Hudson, River Falls, WI and Surrounding Areas

Household energy consumption is on the rise – is your electrical panel or breaker box up for the challenge?

Even though most of us try to find ways to be more efficient with our electric usage, consumption seems to keep growing. Appliances grow more efficient, but we’re adding more and more of them and many require more amps, new devices need to charge frequently, and we’re adding extra TVs, cable boxes, and many other new electrical items. Home upgrades find us adding new appliances, hot tubs, and pool filters.

Why Would I Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

How do you know it might be time for an electrical panel upgrade or replacement?

  • Flickering or dimming – If you notice the lights dim or flicker when multiple appliances are running, for example, if the kitchen lights dim if you turn on the microwave while the dryer is running, you may be using more power than your house is prepared to provide.
  • Fuses – Homes built before the 1960s were usually supplied with a fuse box. While fuses aren’t necessarily a bad thing, you need to keep extra fuses on hand, and your fuse box may not provide adequate power for all of your electrical needs. Properly installed and maintained fuse boxes and associated wiring aren’t necessarily dangerous, but some insurance companies will still refuse to insure houses that use them. Because fuses are most often found with older wiring, a fuse-based electrical system is likely to supply a lower amount of power, so it is less likely to support current electrical needs safely.
  • Breakers tripping – If a circuit breaker shuts off (“trips”) when you turn on the vacuum while the air conditioner is on, or if you notice other times turning an appliance on triggers the circuit breaker to go off, it may be time to upgrade your electrical panel. Breakers “trip” to stop the flow of electricity going through if it’s more than the wiring is able to safely convey, so tripping breakers may indicate you’re trying to draw too much power through the wiring connected to one breaker.
  • Age and Deterioration – We’ve already talked about fuses, but circuit breaker boxes can also cause problems if they’re older. If you have a damp basement, parts of the breakers can rust out, causing them to shut off. Older breaker boxes may also simply not supply enough power for modern needs.


We’re here to help! We can help you determine what your current electrical usage needs are, project estimates of your future need, and assess your current system’s ability to provide that. Solutions might include adding an electric subpanel, adding additional circuit breakers to an existing panel, or replacing the whole electrical panel. Contact us today to explore these options.

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