Many get confused between the furnace, water heater, and boiler. All three serve the same purpose of providing comfort during winter, but the functioning of these three devices is different.

A furnace circulates warm air through ducts, a water heater provides hot water for daily activities, and the boiler generates steam and then circulates the heat via radiators.

A boiler is more energy-efficient and less noisy than a furnace system, but the boiler is also a bit more expensive and hard to install than the central heating system.

1. Purpose of a boiler installation

A boiler heats the water through three sources, i.e., electricity, gas, and oil. After this, it produces steam and distributes the hot air through pipes or floor radiators. It warms the indoors and also consumes less energy.
A boiler installation in Ellsworth aims to get the hot and comfortable indoors during winters.

2. Factors to consider before a boiler installation

Choose accurate size

Choose the size of the boiler system according to the number of people living in your house and the size of your residence. You can also take the HVAC expert’s help for this purpose.

Choose the correct boiler type

Commonly there are three types of boilers:

  • The first one is a combo boiler without any storage tank and is more flexible.
  • The second type is a conventional boiler with a storage tank to store water for future need.
  • Third type is a system boiler that does not consist of storage tanks and takes less space than a conventional boiler.

If you live alone, you can go for a combo boiler. If your house is big and multiple people live there, choose a conventional boiler if there is less space in your house, but the requirement is same as above mentioned, a system boiler is an ideal choice.

Brand's image

The next factor to consider before boiler installation is the brand of the boiler you purchase. The brand should be well-known, reputed, and trusted, which provides you with a guarantee and satisfactory performance.

Budget is next

In the installation of any electric equipment, budget plays a vital role. The budget should not only consist of the price of the boiler but also its energy efficiency. If you go for a less efficient boiler to save money on its price, you may have to spend more later on the electricity bills. Also, a reputed branded boiler can be a bit expensive, but that will last longer.

3. Your boiler needs a repair if the following are the signs

  • Increased heating bills.
  • Unusual noises such as banging, whistling, or clanking.
  • Dislikeable smell.
  • Unable to perform the function of heating.


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